The Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE) is the qualification used for admission to the University by many students. It offers a wide range of courses and stages to accommodate students' varied interests and abilities.

For entry to UWA, WACE students must have an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank calculated.

If you are studying the WACE, have never undertaken tertiary study and are not a mature-age student, you will be considered for admission to UWA if you:

Minimum ATAR

Entry point Minimum ATAR
Bachelor of Arts 80.00
Bachelor of Commerce 80.00
Bachelor of Design 80.00
Bachelor of Science 80.00
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) [1] 98.00
Direct Pathways – Engineering 92.00
Direct Pathways – Psychology (Honours) [1] 95.00
Direct Pathways – Dentistry [1] 99.00
Direct Pathways – Law [1] 97.00
Direct Pathways – Medicine [1] 99.00
Direct Pathways – Medicine (Equity programs and International Students) [1] 99.00

[1]: A limited number of places are available and are subject to a competitive entry process.
Achieving the minimum ATAR does not guarantee admission. Additional selection criteria may apply.

Language (LOTE) bonus

UWA offers an ATAR bonus to WA Certificate of Education students who undertake study of a language other than English in Year 12.

Further information

Alternative entry

Australian students may be eligible for alternative entry to UWA, even if their ATAR is below the University's minimum.