The minimum academic standards required for entry to The University of Western Australia are high.

These requirements ensure that everyone, Australian or international, who enters UWA shares the same fundamental level of knowledge and skills necessary to do well in their studies.

To gain a place at UWA, all students must:

  1. demonstrate academic performance by obtaining a sufficiently high score for entry to UWA in one of our entry pathways
  2. achieve UWA's requirement for English language competence
  3. satisfy any prerequisites for a particular course or major.

Academic entry pathways

UWA welcomes applications from school-leavers, mature-age applicants and those with previous tertiary study. Academic performance is the main criterion in the University's selection process.

The way in which your academic performance is assessed depends on your academic background:

Other qualifications

Other qualifications are assessed on an individual basis. We can advise on whether your educational background is appropriate for entry to UWA.

Alternative entry

Australian students who meet certain criteria may qualify for one of our alternative entry pathways.


For more information on your academic suitability, and how to improve your chances of getting in, contact the:

How to apply

Australian students apply through the Tertiary Institutions Services Centre or directly to the UWA Admissions Centre, depending on their qualifications and the semester in which they plan to begin studying.

International students can apply online or through an agent.