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Getting started

It only takes three simple steps to begin pursuing your impossible.

Choose your degree

Our innovative undergraduate course structure offers a wide range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to combine subjects in a way that matches your career goals and personal interests.

Find the right course for YOU!

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Check requirements

We welcome students from a wide variety of study backgrounds. If you meet the below criteria, we can’t wait to welcome you on campus.

  1. Meet the score for admission to UWA in your chosen entry pathway (e.g. ATAR, interstate and overseas equivalents, previous tertiary study)
  2. demonstrate English language competence through a UWA-approved test of English
  3. satisfy any prerequisites for your desired degree or major

If you're unsure about whether you meet the standard entry requirements, we also provide a number of alternative entry pathways for students.

Apply now

Domestic students

Australian citizens and permanent residents, and New Zealand citizens apply online as follows:

School leavers

Apply via TISC
Note: a late fee applies for new applications submitted from 1 October.

Non-school leavers

Apply online

International students
Refer to our dedicated portal for International Students to begin the application process.

My Application Portal

Note: some of our alternative entry pathways may also have separate application requirements.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

If you're still unsure, we may have the answers to your questions below.

I have no idea what I want to study – what are my options?

UWA is the perfect choice if that's the case! Our flexible degrees allow you to keep your options open before finalising your choice of major/s. You won't have to decide until the end of your first year, meaning you can try out a few different subjects to find what you're really passionate about.

When you apply, you only need to choose a broad degree area (Arts, Commerce, Design or Science), or one of our Direct Pathways and you’ll then have time to work out the details of your degree once you begin. If you have any questions on building a flexible degree at UWA, contact our Future Students team.

I'm interested in two or more study areas – can I combine them?

There are several ways you can mix complementary or diverse subject areas within your degree depending on the course or pathway you have been offered. In many cases you could undertake up to two majors at the same time, or you could include a selection of units as electives or broadening units along with your degree-specific major.

EXAMPLE: Yu (Rain) Liu’s interest in German engineering, in particular, influenced his decision to complement his Engineering Science major with German Studies.

What ATAR do I need to get into UWA?

The University's minimum entry requirement for our Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Design or Science is an Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) of 80.00, unless you qualify for one of our alternative entry pathways.

If you attend a Broadway UWA-identified school, achieve an ATAR between 75.00 and 79.95 and meet other admissions requirements, you will automatically receive an adjusted selection rank of 80.00 to be eligible for on offer for our Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Design or Science.

What is a Direct Pathway?

If you have a professional career in mind, take advantage of one of our Direct Pathways, which give you an assured place in one of our postgraduate professional courses from the start of your studies at UWA. The pathways combine a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, providing you with a clearer direction to your career of choice. Study areas include:

  • Architecture or Landscape Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Law
  • Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Podiatry or Social Work
  • Psychology
  • Teaching
  • Translation Studies 

Just remember that some of these degrees can be competitive and attaining the minimum ATAR does not necessarily guarantee you a place. It is a good idea to include a preference for your chosen undergraduate degree as a back-up option.

I think I’m missing some prerequisites – can I still get into my chosen course?

If you believe you haven’t completed the prerequisites for the degree you want to complete, there is usually a way around it. Missing prerequisite subjects doesn’t always prevent you from being offered a place with us, as long as you can meet the ATAR and English Language Competency requirements. It may then be a case of simply taking on additional units (as electives) in your first year to fulfil the requirements of your degree and/or major. If you are worried or need some advice, contact the Future Students team for help.

All our courses require you to satisfy the English Language Competency level set by the University. If you're a WACE student and don't meet the requirement, you’ll be invited to sit a Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) in early January.

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Did you know you can make UWA your first preference now and work out the details of your degree later?

Our friendly Future Students team can provide one-on-one advice on applying for university, from designing your own degree and making the most of your TISC preferences, to what to expect from uni life. Follow the links below to get in touch with us.

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