Fairway UWA offers an alternative pathway to UWA by supporting eligible students during Year 12.

The program recognises that students who face financial hardship and other difficult circumstances are often prevented from achieving their true academic potential.

  1. Benefits of the Fairway UWA Program
  2. Admission to UWA
  3. Ongoing Support to Fairway Students
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Benefits of the Fairway UWA Program

If you are invited to join Fairway UWA, you will complete a program of activities that will help you achieve in Year 12 and beyond. The program includes:

  • an on-campus residential Summer School;
  • an April Master Class on WACE English;
  • Saturday English Classes by an experienced instructor; 
  • a non-residential Winter School;
  • online study skills modules;
  • mentoring by current UWA students;
  • an encouraging environment and extra resources;
  • membership to the helpful online tutoring service, Yourtutor, and;
  • a pathway to future study at UWA.

Please note: all reasonable costs for attending Fairway Events including travel will be covered by UWA.

Admission to UWA

You are eligible to apply to the Fairway program if you are in Year 11, studying at least four WACE subjects, and:

  • you are a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, citizen of New Zealand, or holder of an Australian Humanitarian Visa;
  • receive Youth Allowance or can demonstrate financial hardship;
  • or Your family receives a means-tested Commonwealth benefit.

Once you have made a successful application and completed the Fairway program, and:

you will be eligible for an offer of admission to one of the University’s three-year undergraduate degrees (Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Commerce).

Standard admission to these degrees requires a minimum ATAR of 80; successful Fairway students will be admitted with an ATAR of 70 or above.

Ongoing Support to Fairway Students

Fairway students who are accepted into UWA will receive support with their transition. This includes: 

  • invitations to Fairway events;
  • transitional help throughout the first year of university;
  • study groups for particular units;
  • continued pastoral care and advice across the years of studies at UWA; and
  • connecting students to useful UWA services such as the Counselling Team, Study Smarter and Careers Centre to name a few.

Apply For Fairway 

Applications for the 2018 Fairway Cohort open on June 1st and close on August 30th

For further enquires, please contact Fairway UWA during office hours. 



Fairway UWA appreciates the support and the sponsorship of UWA Development and Alumni Relations, St. Catherine's College and University Hall for our program.

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