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Gather supporting documents

Send in your documents

You must send in your documents with a copy of your application summary (cover sheet) by Friday 27 June 2014. Current semester results must be submitted by Friday 18 July 2014.

If you have submitted a late application please ensure that your documents are sent to us immediately.

Academic results and qualifications

The Admissions Centre has access to past WACE / TEE / TAE results from 1976 onwards, as well as most results from previous or current study at UWA.

You must still declare these qualifications on your application, but you do not need to submit transcripts for them.

  • All other results and qualifications should be submitted to the Admissions Centre. Official academic transcripts are required. Statements of examination results are not acceptable.
  • All documents must be originals or correctly certified copies. We will copy and certify original documents and return them to you. Alternatively, copies of original documents may be certified by UWA-approved authorities. Certified copies will not be returned unless requested by you in writing.
  • If your qualifications were awarded in another name, proof of the name change (such as a marriage certificate or deed poll) will be required.

If you are unable to complete the online application in person, you must provide written authority for another person to apply on your behalf. This authority should be included with your supporting documents (copies of your school results, academic transcripts, proof of citizenship / permanent residency) which should be submitted along with a printed copy of your Review Application page to the Admissions Centre as soon as possible.

Fraudulent applications

You must declare and submit evidence of all attempts at secondary and tertiary studies, including failed courses or units, regardless of how long ago you undertook them.

You will also need to complete a declaration that your application is true and complete.

UWA considers it a serious offence to submit a false declaration or false documents. If you are offered a place in a course and your application is subsequently found to have been incomplete or misleading, your enrolment may be terminated and your academic record annotated accordingly.

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Certification of documents

Any supporting document which is not an original must be formally certified as a true and accurate copy of the original by a UWA-approved authority as listed below. Copies with any other form of certification are not acceptable.

The authorised officer should verify each document by:

  • writing 'This is a true copy of the original document sighted by me'
  • signing this statement
  • printing their name, address, contact telephone number, profession or occupation, organisation, and date verified
  • including the official stamp or seal of the verifier's organisation on the copy, if the organisation has such a stamp.

Approved authorities in Australia

An authorised officer at:

  • admissions office or student administration at any Australian university
  • assessment centre at any TAFE college
  • official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
  • TISC, Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre, South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre, Universities Admissions Centre (NSW and ACT), Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre.

Anyone who is currently employed as an:

  • accountant, member of the Institute of Charted Accountants in Australia or CPA Australia or the National Institute of Accountants or the Association of Taxation and Management Accountants or Registered Tax Agents
  • bank manager
  • credit union branch manager
  • commissioner of declarations
  • Justice of the Peace
  • barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • police officer in charge of a police station or of the rank of sergeant and above
  • pharmacist
  • medical practitioner
  • postal manager
  • principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school

Approved authorities overseas

  • official records department of the institution that originally issued the documents
  • Australian overseas diplomatic mission and Australian educational centres
  • notary public.

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Proof of citizenship or permanent residence

You will need to supply proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or Australian permanent residence (PR) when you come to enrol. One or more of the following documents can be used for this purpose:

  • original or certified copy of an Australian or New Zealand birth certificate
  • Australian or New Zealand Passport, or a certified copy of the identity page of your passport (usually the first page)
  • other foreign national passport showing Australian residency status (permanent residents and humanitarian visa holders must provide a valid residency visa), or a certified copy of both the identity page and the visa page of a current passport.

You will need to bring this documentation with you to in-person enrolments on Tuesday 22 July 2014 (note: date to be confirmed). Your enrolment will not be finalised without it.

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Step 4:
Lodge an application

Further information

Document submission

Send all supporting documents (with a copy of your application summary) to:

Admissions Centre
M353, The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway

You are also welcome to submit your documents directly to our office during business hours.

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