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informationSemester One, 2017 applications are now open via TISC.

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Australian citizens and permanent residents or New Zealand citizens

  1. Select the relevant semester you wish to apply for to find out how, when and for what you can apply.
  2. Refer to the Qualifications and Documentation tab to confirm which qualifications are relevant to your application and clarify which documents you need to submit with your application.
  3. Commence the application process.

UWA's undergraduate courses are available for students wishing to commence their studies in Semester Two (July intake), as follows:

How to apply

For Semester Two (mid-year) entry, Australian citizens or permanent residents (including permanent humanitarian visa holders) and New Zealand citizens apply directly to the University through our online application system (OASys).

Mature-age entry:

Mature-age applicants (aged 20 or more before 1 August 2016) using an ATAR, previous study or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) as a basis of admission will apply online as indicated above.

If you do not meet our standard admission requirements, you may choose to apply for our Mature-age Access Program (MAP), which requires a manual application.

What can I apply for?

Bachelor degrees:

UWA's flexible and innovative undergraduate degrees prepare students for the challenges of a changing world.

Crawley Campus
Course TISC code UWA code
Arts UWART [1]
Commerce UWCOM [1]
Design UWDES BP003
Science UWSCI [1] BP004
Assured-entry pathways to professional postgraduate degrees
Course TISC code UWA code
Engineering Science  [2]

You are able to complete the Engineering Science major as a degree-specific major within the Bachelor of Science, or as a second major within any of our undergraduate degrees, then complete your engineering studies in the Master of Professional Engineering.

When you accept your offer, you will be able to nominate which undergraduate degree you wish to enrol in.

Albany Centre

The UWA Albany Centre offers first-year units in the degrees listed below, with the exception of Arts (in which a full degree course is available in the majors of Anthropology and Sociology, English and Cultural Studies or History) or Science (majoring in Conservation Biology or Environmental Science - Biology Stream). Please contact the Albany Centre directly for information on unit availability.

Course TISC code UWA code
Arts (Albany) UAART BP001
Commerce (Albany) UACOM [3] BP002
Science (Albany) UASCI [3] BP004
  1. It may not be possible to incorporate core units from some majors straight away (subject to academic background)
  2. Refer to our Assured-entry Pathways information for further details, including admission requirements
  3. Depending on academic background, you may need to commence on a part-time basis only

Graduate-entry diplomas:

UWA graduate-entry diplomas are available to students who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, who wish to undertake further studies towards an additional undergraduate major, without the need to meet the full course requirements of another bachelor’s degree. Available at the Crawley campus only.


Upon completion of your bachelor degree, you can continue your undergraduate studies to an advanced level by focusing on a major area of study. To find out if your chosen course is offered in Albany, contact the Albany Centre.

What do I need to provide?

Refer to the Qualifications and Documentation tab to find out what information and documents you need to submit in order to support your application.

Important dates and deadlines

All undergraduate courses (direct applications)

13 April, 2016
Applications open (except Mature-age Access Program applications, which will open 25 April)
1 August, 2016
Semester 2 classes commence

Mid-year applications have now closed. Semester One, 2017 applications are now open via TISC.

Entry requirements

Selection will be based on academic merit, with places being offered to the highest-ranked applicants for each course.

A wide range of qualifications will be considered. Some of the acceptable minimum qualifications include:

  • past tertiary entrance rank (TER/ATAR), or interstate equivalent, which meets the University’s minimum rank of 80.00
  • various overseas school-leaving qualifications
  • one full-time semester or more of degree study at another university
  • completed diploma (or higher) from TAFE, or a private provider accredited under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • satisfactory results in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test  (mature-age students only).
  • completed Bachelor degree, or equivalent (honours and graduate-entry diploma applicants)

ALL applicants must demonstrate English-language competence, and satisfy any additional subject prerequisites.

Note: Results from studies undertaken in Semester Two, 2016 may not be taken into account in time for commencement in 2017 unless official results are available by late January 2017.

If you are unsure if your qualifications meet any of the above standard entry requirements, send us an email with details of your academic background and what you intend to apply for.

English language competence

To be eligible for admission to UWA, you will need to demonstrate satisfactory performance in a UWA-approved test of English. This is the case even if English is your first language.

Most applicants demonstrate English language competence through achieving a combined scaled score of 50 or more in WACE English or EALD, TEE English or English Literature, or an acceptable score in English as a Second Language (ESL – if eligible), or their equivalents.

If you are over 20 years of age, or you have qualifications other than the WACE or TEE, there are a number of alternative ways you can demonstrate English language competence. Please refer to the list of UWA-approved tests of English.

Do not assume you have met the University’s English language competence requirement by taking degree studies elsewhere. If you are unsure about your qualifications, or have other results which you believe demonstrate competence, contact our Admissions team for advice.

Supporting documentation

It is your responsibility to provide all supporting documents (for example, academic transcripts, diplomas, Proof of Name Change); these must be submitted as originals or correctly certified copies as follows:

Intake Applicant/course type Submit to
Semester One Bachelor degree (excluding MAP applicants) Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC)
Mature-age Access Program (MAP) applicants UWA Admissions
Honours, graduate entry diploma applicants UWA Admissions
Semester Two All undergraduate applicants UWA Admissions

Academic results

The Admissions Centre has access to past WACE / TEE / TAE results from 1976 onwards, as well as most results from previous or current study at UWA.

You must still declare these qualifications on your application, but you do not need to submit separate transcripts for them.

  • All other results and qualifications should be submitted to TISC, or UWA Admissions as applicable. Official academic transcripts are required. Statements of examination results are not acceptable.
  • All documents must be originals or correctly certified copies. We will copy and certify original documents and return them to you. Alternatively, copies of original documents may be certified by UWA-approved authorities. Certified copies will not be returned unless requested by you in writing.
  • If your qualifications were awarded in another name, proof of the name change (such as a marriage certificate or deed poll) will be required.

If you are unable to complete the online application in person, you must provide written authority for another person to apply on your behalf. This authority should be included with your supporting documents (copies of your school results, academic transcripts) which should be submitted along with a printed copy of your Review Application page to UWA Admissions as soon as possible.

Applications not received by the relevant closing date, or that have incomplete information or documentation, may not be successful.

Fraudulent applications

You must declare and submit evidence of all attempts at secondary and tertiary studies, including failed courses or units, regardless of how long ago you undertook them.

You will also need to complete a declaration that your application is true and complete.

UWA considers it a serious offence to submit a false declaration or false documents. If you are offered a place in a course and your application is subsequently found to have been incomplete or misleading, your enrolment may be terminated and your academic record annotated accordingly.

Certification of documents

Any supporting document which is not an original must be formally certified as a true and accurate copy of the original by a UWA-approved authority. Copies with any other form of certification are not acceptable.

Proof of citizenship or permanent residence

You will need to supply proof of Australian or New Zealand citizenship, or Australian permanent residence (PR) at the time of campus card collection (i.e. do not submit with your application). One or more of the following documents can be used for this purpose:

  • original or certified copy of an Australian or New Zealand birth certificate
  • Australian or New Zealand Passport, or a certified copy of the identity page of your passport (usually the first page)
  • other foreign national passport showing Australian residency status (permanent residents and humanitarian visa holders must provide a valid residency visa), or a certified copy of both the identity page and the visa page of a current passport.

You will need to bring this documentation with you to collect your campus card.

If you are an Australian student who has deferred accepting an undergraduate place at UWA, and now wish to take up the offer and commence studying in the coming semester, you need to re-apply online.

If you wish to simply take up your deferred place:

  • Apply directly to UWA
  • Fill out the online re-application form below, once applications open
  • You do not need to re-submit any documents
  • You will be sent a new offer of a place, in January (Semester One) or July (Semester Two), in the course of the normal offer round

If you wish to be considered for other courses before your deferred course:

Semester One entry

Semester Two entry

Please note: Applications for Assured-entry pathways to Law, Medicine and Dentistry are only available for Semester One commencement. Refer to the TISC website for application deadlines.

  • To log in below, you will need your UWA student ID number, as stated on either your original offer notice, your confirmation-of-deferral notice, or your re-application reminder notice.

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining our community in Semester 1, 2017. TISC applications are now open for those wishing to commence their studies in February.

How to apply

For Semester One entry, Australian citizens or permanent residents (including permanent humanitarian visa holders) and New Zealand citizens apply online via the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC).

Mature-age entry:

Students aged 20 or over before 1 March 2017 using an ATAR, previous study or the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) as a basis of admission can also apply online via TISC as indicated above.

If you do not meet our standard admission requirements, all is not lost; you may choose to sit the STAT and apply via TISC, or consider applying for our Mature-age Access Program (MAP).

What can I apply for?

Your first degree (undergraduate):

Our flexible and innovative undergraduate degrees prepare students for the careers of the future, not just the jobs of tomorrow. When you apply, you will only need to select the undergraduate degree or pathway you wish to study. You can let us know what major/s you’re interested in later on.

We encourage you to explore the complete list of courses available, or get in touch with us for help in designing the degree that's right for you based on your interests and goals. You can find detailed unit information and example study plans in our Handbook. For detailed information about the application process, refer to the TISC website.

Our undergraduate courses are as follows:

Course TISC Code
Bachelor of Arts UWART
Bachelor of Commerce UWCOM
Bachelor of Design UWDES
Bachelor of Science UWSCI
Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) UWBPH

Direct Pathways

In addition, UWA offers a number of Direct Pathways which combine a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, providing you with a clearer direction to your career of choice, including:

  • Architecture and Landscape Architecture*
  • Engineering
  • Law*
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences*
  • Psychology*
  • Teaching*
  • Translation Studies*

Full details, including applicable TISC codes, are available on our Direct Pathways page. 

*The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) and Direct Pathways (except Engineering) are only available for eligible Year 12 school leavers. Other applicants will have the opportunity to apply for honours and postgraduate courses towards the end of their undergraduate studies via the applicable graduate or standard pathway.

Graduate-entry diplomas:

Graduate-entry diplomas are available to students who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in any discipline, and wish to undertake further studies towards an additional undergraduate major, without the need to meet the full course requirements of another bachelor’s degree. You will be able to apply online direct to UWA once applications open on 21 September.


Continue your undergraduate studies to an advanced level by undertaking a supervised research project in your chosen area of specialisation. Online applications are due to open on 21 September.

What do I need to provide?

There are a few things we need from you to ensure the application process is as smooth and easy as possible. For a full list of supporting documents, refer to the Qualifications and Documentation tab.

Important dates and deadlines

Bachelor degrees (apply via TISC)

4 July 2016
Applications open
30 September 2016
On-time applications close (submissions will still be accepted after this date, subject to a late fee)
Closing date for School Leaver Assured Entry Pathways to Medicine and Dentistry. We're not able to accept new applications for Direct Pathways to Medicine or Dentistry after this date, but it is possible to rearrange existing Direct Pathway preferences.
18 January 2017
Main round offers released (via TISC)
1 February 2017
Second round offers released (via TISC)
Late February 2017
Semester 1 classes commence

Apply via TISC

Honours, Graduate-entry diploma and MAP (apply direct to UWA)

5 September 2016
Honours and Graduate-entry Diploma applications open
3 October 2016
Mature-age Access Program (MAP) applications open
3 February 2017
Graduate-entry diplomas and MAP applications close (some Honours specialisations may have varying closing dates)
Late February 2017
Semester 1 classes commence

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