As an Exchange or Study Abroad student attending UWA, you have the chance to experience units across a variety of faculties help broaden your horizons.

Subjects of study at UWA are referred to as units. The Student Exchange and Study Abroad programs at UWA allow you to choose units from any Faculty except Medicine and Dentistry.

You must have Faculty approval for each unit you wish to take and the Faculties will check that you meet the prerequisites for each unit prior to your enrolment.

  1. Before selecting units
  2. How many units can I take?
  3. How do I select my units?
  4. What do the different teaching periods mean?
  5. How and when do I enrol?
  6. What are the classes like?
  7. How will I be assessed?

Before selecting units

Before selecting your units we recommend you:

How many units can I take?

Study abroad and exchange students must enrol in a full academic load of 24 points per semester. Most units are worth 6 points, so this generally works out to four units per semester.

Typically, most units are offered for a semester, but some must be taken for a full year.

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How do I select my units?

  • You can use the online Handbook to browse through the units offered at UWA.
  • All units will consist of four letters detailing the discipline of the unit (such as ECON for economics, PSYC for Psychology) and four numbers.
  • Units with numbers beginning from 1 to 3 are generally undergraduate units. A code beginning with 1 represents first year level studies, 2 represents second year level studies and so on.
  • Units with the number beginning with 4 is generally an honours level unit and may require a minimum 3 years study prior to enrolling. Please note that honours level units are not always available to exchange and study abroad students.
  • Please note that some units coded 3xxx and 4xxx are common to both postgraduate and undergraduate program.
  • Units with numbers beginning with 5 and above are postgraduate level and may require a minimum of 3 years tertiary study in a relevant field prior to enrolling.
  • The Bachelor of Law program is no longer offered at UWA and has now been replaced by the Juris Doctor. As such there are several restrictions to which Law units exchange and study abroad students can enrol in. For more information, please contact the Global Learning Office.

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What do the different teaching periods mean?

There are a few different teaching periods in which units are offered each year.

The standard teaching periods are semester 1 (February to June) and semester 2 (July to November). There are also many non-standard teaching periods which cover a range of dates. You should only choose units available during the period(s) you are coming to UWA.

If a unit is marked as being offered in a "Offshore teaching period" only, this unit is not available on the Crawley campus and should not be selected.

Units marked "Summer teaching period" are generally not available, but if you wish to study these please contact your Student Exchange Adviser

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How and when do I enrol?

You will have the opportunity to enrol into your units online, prior to the commencement of the semester. The Global Learning Office will contact you once you are eligible to complete your online enrolment.

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What are the classes like?

At UWA the emphasis is on independent learning. There will be less direction from lecturers, greater expectations of individual study outside classes, fewer assessments and heavier weighting on assessments.

You will attend weekly lectures, which may be large (sometimes more than 100 students). These will be complemented by weekly tutorials, which are smaller classes where you will be expected to actively participate in discussion and debate. They may be compulsory and are often assessed.

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How will I be assessed?

Final grades will be based on a combination of oral and written assignments and tests, project work, participation in tutorials and final examinations. Multiple choice is not a common method of assessment.

Performance is graded according to the following scale:

HD (Higher Distinction)80 - 100
D (Distinction)70 - 79
CR (Credit Pass)60 - 69
P (Pass)50 - 59
N+ (Fail)45 - 49
N (Fail)0 - 44
UP (Ungraded Pass)n/a
P* (Pass Conditional)n/a
UF (Ungraded Fail) n/a

All examinations are conducted in English (except for language units) and the use of dictionaries is not permitted, nor will additional time be granted if English is not your first language.

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