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Applying is easy! 

You can study at UWA as either an Exchange or Study Abroad Student for one or two semesters. If UWA has an exchange agreement with your home university you do not need to pay tuition fees to UWA. If your home university does not have an agreement or no longer has exchange places available, you still come to UWA as a Fee-paying Study Abroad student. You can also attend UWA as a Study Abroad student if you have completed high school abroad, but not yet enrolled in a University.

If you are unsure if your university has an exchange agreement with UWA, please feel free to contact us to find out.

Before you apply, be sure to check the entrance requirements to be admitted at UWA. 



 You will use one of the following methods to apply:

Applying independently to UWA  

If you are currently attending a University that does not have an exchange agreement with UWA, please complete the Home University Authorisation Form and include it with your online application. 

If you are applying directly to UWA, you can apply online.

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Applying through your home university or a UWA representative overseas

Your home university or agent must nominate you for the Study Abroad & Exchange Program at UWA. Once this nomination has been received, you will be sent an email from the UWA Study Abroad Office with advice on how to apply online. 

All supporting documentation must be uploaded to their online application:

  • Most recent Official Academic transcript (signed and stamped by home university)
  • All 3 pages of the Application Coversheet (printed from online application and signed)
  • Proposed Study Plan (printed from online application if applicable)
  • Evidence of English Language Competency (signed and stamped by home university, if applicable)
  • Copy of passport (signed and stamped by home university) 
  • Where documents are not in English, a certified English translation must be enclosed with your application.

UWA has representatives in more than 60 countries. Check whether your country has a UWA representative overseas.

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After you apply

  1. We usually take between one and three weeks to assess your application. You'll receive formal notification by email.
  2. If you're a student from the European Union, find out if you're eligible to apply for a Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship.
  3. Find out how to apply for accommodation.
  4. Start the study plan approval process.
  5. Get prepared for your studies at UWA.

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Further Information



Non-Exchange students (or their sponsors) must pay tuition fees to UWA.

The tuition fees for 2016 are:

  • AUD$25,000 per year
  • AUD$12,500 per semester.

Fees are based on a standard enrolment load of 24 points per semester. Extra points will lead to extra fees being charged on a pro rata basis.

Students studying across two academic years (for example, Semester 2, 2015 and Semester 1, 2016) may be charged different fees for each semester.


Semester 1 (Feb-June): Nominations by 30 November. Application and Documents due by 31 December

Semester 2: (July-November): Nominations by 30 April. Application and Documents due by 31 May

Late applications will be considered if there is enough processing time available. 

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