You would usually be expected to have a first class or upper second class honours degree from an approved university to enter a postgraduate research program.

However, admission requirements vary so please contact the faculty or check the course information page for specific prerequisites.

  1. Master's degree by research
  2. Higher degree by research preliminary program
  3. Professional and higher doctorates
  4. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
  5. English bridging course

Master's degrees by research

On the recommendation of the appropriate head of school, students within the following categories will normally be permitted to enrol in a master's research program, provided that appropriate supervision and other required resources are available:

  • holders of a degree of bachelor with at least upper second class honours from an approved university
  • graduates of UWA (or equivalent) who can satisfy the Board of the Graduate Research School that they have undertaken adequate research preparation since graduation
  • recipients of a University scholarship for Master's by research (by thesis) study awarded by the Scholarships Committee of the Board of the Graduate Research School
  • holders of a degree of bachelor from UWA (or equivalent) and since graduation have passed a higher degree preliminary examination in their proposed research discipline
  • students who have undertaken work at a high enough standard towards a master's or PhD degree in this or another approved institution but has not submitted it for any degree.

You must also be able to demonstrate the required English language competency for postgraduate programs by research.

Special conditions apply to the following degrees:

If you are interested in a research program, you should contact a graduate research coordinators to discuss possible topics.

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Higher degree by research preliminary program

If you do not meet the normal entrance requirements, you may be permitted to enrol in a higher degree by research (HDR) preliminary program on the recommendation of the head of school.

The course of study and research is determined by the head of school and usually involves a combination of coursework units and research projects for up to one year full-time.

Although the program is a preparatory year for research students, entry to a masters by research or PhD is not automatic. At the completion of the program, the head of school must provide the Graduate Research and Scholarships Office with an assessment of the work completed and a recommendation on suitability for enrolment in a master's by research or a PhD program.



The HDR preliminary program is not considered a qualification in itself and no certificate of completion will be awarded.

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Professional and higher doctorates

Admissions requirements for professsional and higher doctorates vary depending on the program. You will need to check individual doctorates and higher doctorates for admissions requirements.

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

On the recommendation of the appropriate head of school, Australian students within the following categories will normally be permitted to enrol in the PhD program, providing they reach the required English language competency. They must have completed or hold:

  • bachelor's degree with 2A honours or better (or an equivalent qualification) from an approved university
  • master's degree by research from an approved university
  • master's degree by coursework which has a substantial research component from an approved university
  • PhD (preliminary) from this or another approved university, in the area of study to be undertaken for the PhD
  • a scholarship to study towards a PhD at this University by the Scholarships Committee.

Applicants who have a bachelor's degree only, but who have subsequent wide research experience may be considered for admission. Evidence of this research experience and of the school's approval of this research experience will be required.

International students

International students must have a master's degree or honours degree with upper second class (2A) honours or higher, or equivalent.

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English bridging course

International students

International Students completing the CELT bridging course at UWA as demonstration of research preparation for entry into a postgraduate research course, must achieve a minimum grade of B+ (75 per cent) for the Research and Study Skills portfolio.

Grades received in the CELT bridging course may also be used to satisfy English language requirements.

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Further Information

If you are interested in undertaking a postgraduate program by research, you should contact the Head of School.

It is advisable to read the following information prior to meeting with the head of school:

You should also ensure you meet the English language competency requirements for admission.

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