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Note the following:

  • Application Fee Waivers: Application fee waiver codes are available for all applications from UWA Agents. To obtain this code please contact the Agent Support Team.
  • Academic transcripts must be uploaded as one combined / collated PDF document - please do not upload each transcript separately.
  • Online applications only apply to undergraduate and postgraduate coursework programs.
  • Higher Degree by Research (HDR) applications will still require you to fill out the application form (PDF available below). You can submit HDR applications by emailing

International Masters Scholarship applicants – for students wishing to apply for this scholarship program, please submit an application and we will automatically assess your eligibility. For more information on this scholarship program, visit our scholarships page.

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If you have a question, submit your query via our contact form.

Track applications

To accept your offer you must upload the following documents: A signed copy of your acceptance contract; a signed copy of your refund policy; a copy of the personal details page of your passport; and evidence of payment as stated on your offer letter. Sponsored students are not required to submit payment but must submit a completed Sponsored Student Form [PDF, 91.16 KB] and a financial affidavit from the sponsor.

Please fill out the form below to:

  1. Submit an enquiry;
  2. Accept / defer your offer; or
  3. Submit evidence meeting the conditions of your offer letter.

Thank you for your submission to The University of Western Australia.

Over the next few weeks our Admissions team will review your application and notify you if we require further documentation.

If you need to track your application, click on the track link within this website and log in to see how your applicant is progressing.

Offer and acceptance procedure

UWA will assess the application and will send through a letter of offer and acceptance documentation if the student meets all the necessary requirements. Once the student receives these documents, the student needs to sign and return them. You can upload scanned copies of these documents in the 'Accept or Defer' tab within this webpage.

Once all acceptance documentation is received and processed, UWA's Admissions team will email the pre-departure and orientation information along with the student's Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) details which is required for the student to start the visa application process with The Department of Immigration and Border Protection.