Research is an exciting journey of discovery, where you’ll be working at the ever-shifting boundary of the known and the unknown.


The Master of Philosophy can be taken in any discipline for which appropriate supervision is available.

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Course description, features and facilities

The Master of Philosophy is a program of independent, supervised research and is assessed solely on the basis of a thesis. It is a highly flexible course that mirrors the structure and breadth of the Doctor of Philosophy.

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Extracted from Master's Degree by Research Rules for courses administered by the Board of the Graduate Research School

15. A master's thesis must be a substantial work generally based on independent research which shows a sound knowledge of the subject of the research, evidence of the exercise of some independence of thought and the ability of expression in clear and concise language.

16.(1) A student must submit a thesis after the completion of a course of supervised research and advanced study in a subject or subjects approved by the Board.

(2) The course of supervised research and advanced study may include¬ó

(a) such courses, lectures, seminars and other work as the supervisor or head of school concerned directs; and

(b) studies and investigations culminating in such reports as the supervisor(s) direct(s); and

(c) additional requirements as set out in the rules for the relevant degrees in the Master's by Research Degrees Administered by the Board of the Graduate Research School with Special Admission or Course Requirements.

(3) On the recommendation of the appropriate head of school and supervisor, the Board may prescribe study additional to the requirements of (2).

17. A student must provide particulars of the progress and results of the research to the supervisor(s) from time to time and whenever requested.

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Career opportunities

MPhil graduates move into a wide range of careers, depending on their areas of research, from the more traditional pathways of research and academic careers to various professional arenas.

Related careers

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Further study opportunities

Doctor of Philosophy

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Check the Entrance requirements

This course is available to Australian and international students.

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  1. Admission Requirements
  2. English competency

Admission Requirements

 To be considered for admission to this course an applicant must—

(a) have a bachelor's degree with at least upper second class honours in an appropriate subject area, or have been granted equivalent status;


(b) be a graduate of this University or been admitted to equivalent status and can satisfy the Board that they have had adequate research preparation since graduation;


(c) be a recipient of a University scholarship for master's degree by research (by thesis) study awarded by the Scholarships Committee of the Board of the Graduate Research School;


(d)(i) have a bachelor's degree of this University, or a qualification recognised by the Board as equivalent, and have since graduation passed a preliminary examination in terms of the University Policy on the Higher Degree by Research Preliminary Course in the subject area in which research is to be undertaken; and

(ii) have completed and had approved by the Board, on the recommendation of the supervisor and the head of school, a master's research proposal;


(e) have previously undertaken work at a high enough standard towards a higher degree by research in this or another approved institution but has not submitted it for any degree.

English competency

See full list of English Language Competency requirements.
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How to apply

This course is available to Australian and international students.

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  1. Application Deadlines
  2. How to apply
  3. Fees

Application Deadlines

Applications can be submitted any time from January to November.

How to apply

There are several steps to lodging an application for a higher degree by research. Follow the below link for further information and relevant application forms: 


With the exception of international students, no fees will be charged to any student admitted to UWA for a research higher degree at UWA.

Australian students undertaking research courses are therefore exempt from paying student contributions and tuition fees as part of the Research Training Scheme.

Note: We can help with application-related enquiries. If you need further course-specific information, you may wish to contact the relevant Faculty or School.

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Master of Philosophy - Research: the details

Available 2016
Locations offered
Crawley, Albany
Attendance types
Part-time, Full-time
Delivery mode
Internal, External
Starting dates
Throughout the year, by agreement with supervisors. A December start date is discouraged, however.
Weekly first year time commitment
Full-time students are expected to spend at least 30 hours per week on their research throughout the year. Part-time students are expected to spend at least 15 hours per week on their research throughout the year.
Standard full-time completion
2 years
Maximum time to complete
2 years if full-time, 4 years if part-time.
Contact details: course information
Graduate Research and Scholarships Office
(M358) The University of Western Australia 35 Stirling Highway Crawley, WA 6009 AUSTRALIA
_61 8 6488 8522
Course code
078212K, 078210A, 078211M, 078209E, 078208F, 078206G, 078203M, 078204K, 078205J, 078213J, 078214G, 078215G, 078216F, 078217E, 078218D, 078219C, 078220K, 078221J, 078224F, 078207G, 078222G, 078267F, 078472A