Gain experience and geoscience skills related to petroleum exploration.


The Master of Petroleum Geoscience is a 2-year coursework or coursework and dissertation degree course. This course aims to develop graduates with advanced skills in geological and geophysical data analysis and integration of datasets related to sedimentary basin analysis and petroleum geoscience

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Course description, features and facilities

The course places considerable emphasis on the development of practical skills underpinned by conceptual knowledge, and the application of both to solving problems related to basin history and petroleum exploration through coursework and research project components of the course. Students have the opportunity to use latest digital technology to develop advanced skills in the analysis of geoscientific data and constructing 3D models.

You may apply to undertake a research project within this degree.

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Key to availability of units:
S1 = Semester 1; S2 = Semester 2; N/A = not available in 2017; NS = non-standard teaching period

All units have a value of six points unless otherwise stated.

Note: Units that are indicated as N/A may be available in 2018 or 2019.

Take all units (54 points):

NSGEOP4002Geophysical Data Acquisition and Analysis
NSGEOS4410Australia's Geological Evolution
NSGEOS4412Petroleum Systems
S2GEOS4418Basin Analysis Techniques
NSGEOS5503Advanced Petroleum Geoscience
NSGEOS5506Structural Analysis for Petroleum Geoscience
NSGEOS5509Sedimentary Basin Field Excursion
S1, S2SCIE4403The Conduct, Ethics and Communication of Science

For students in course by coursework and dissertation only, take all units (24 points):

S1, S2GEOS5011Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 1
S1, S2GEOS5012Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 2
S1, S2GEOS5013Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 3
S1, S2GEOS5014Masters Research Project in Geoscience Part 4

For students in course by coursework only, take units to the value of 42 points, including at least 30 points at Level 5. The 30 points at Level 5 may include up to two options, chosen as substitutes, from related areas, as approved by the Faculty.

For students in course by coursework and dissertation, take units to the value of 18 points including at least 6 points at level 5.

S2ECON5511Climate, Energy and Water Economics
NSENVT4403Coastal and Estuarine Processes
NSENVT4409Remote Sensing of the Environment
NS, S2ENVT4411Geographic Information Systems Applications
NSENVT5511Advanced Geographic Information Systems for Environmental Management
N/AGEOS4413Environmental Geoscience
NSGEOS5505Multiscale Tectonic Systems
NSGEOS5507Analytical Techniques for the Geosciences
NSGEOS5510Applied Palynology

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Career opportunities

Geoscience graduates have diverse employment options including working as geoscientists with resource companies, consultancy/service companies, or Commonwealth or state government agencies responsible for onshore and offshore
resources including water and the environment. Resource company roles include exploration, mining, petroleum production, groundwater and/or environmental monitoring and management. Geoscience is also a valuable skill for employment in
education, economics, finance, and government policy and planning.

Related careers

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Further study opportunities

Students completing this degree may have the option to pursue further studies in research.

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Check the Entrance requirements

This course is available to Australian and international students.

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Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission to this course an applicant must have—

(a) a relevant bachelor's degree or equivalent as recognised by UWA;


(b) a bachelor's degree with a geology major or an equivalent qualification, as recognised by UWA.

English competency

Refer to the Future Students English Language Competence page for details on English requirements.
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How to apply

This course is available to Australian and international students.

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  1. How to apply
  2. Fees
  3. Contact us

How to apply

Apply online! Refer to the details below for information on how and when to apply.


Refer to the Fee Calculator for up to date course and unit costs.

Contact us

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Master of Petroleum Geoscience: the details

Available 2017
Locations offered
Attendance types
Part-time, Full-time
Delivery mode
Starting dates
Semester 1, Semester 2
Weekly first year time commitment
Please refer to the handbook for details
Standard full-time completion
1.5 - 2 years
Maximum time to complete
4 years
Contact details: course information
Science Student Office
Central Wing Agriculture Building (M083)
6488 7333
(+61 8)6488 7333
Course code