Enhance your skills and knowledge in geoscience by completing the Master of Hydrogeology.


Hydrogeological systems are complex and their dynamics are controlled by a variety of physical, chemical and biological processes. Hydrogeologists aim to understand these processes and how best to utilise groundwater resources both now and for future generations. Knowledge of past and present hydrogeological processes is fundamental to predicting future changes, particularly in the area of climate and environmental change. Hydrogeologists are also critical in the mining, construction and other industries to ensure anthropogenic impacts are minimised and safe working conditions are provided.

5 Reasons to study the Master of Hydrogeology at UWA

  1. Hydrogeology allows us to understand how the natural world works. Groundwater is a vital resource in Australia, particularly Western Australia, as well as many other parts of the world. Hydrogeology and groundwater resources are key factors in the sustainability of both our society and the environment.
  2. Studying hydrogeology trains us to think logically, critically and quantitatively. We learn to evaluate statements made in the scientific literature, as well as in non-science areas, based on evidence, not anecdotes. These skills are highly desired by employers in all employment sectors.
  3. Diverse career opportunities not necessarily assorted with the boom and bust cycle of the resources industry, also the opportunity to get some industry experience if you take the industry placement unit.
  4. You can get your masters in one and a half years if you have the right background, otherwise its only two years.
  5. Studying hydrogeology is exciting, and becomes even more so when opportunities exist for novel and innovative research. As part of the MSc you can do a project which is considered sufficient preparation for entry into a PhD. There is nothing as thrilling as seeing your work extending our knowledge of the bigger hydrogeological picture!

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Course description, features and facilities

The Master of Hydrogeology is suitable for both freshly graduated undergraduate students and professionals already in industry looking to improve their skills/qualifications. Many of the units in Masters program are block taught as dedicated short courses to try and minimise the length of time during semester that a student must be at UWA. UWA is well suited for teaching and research as part of the National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training as well as being part of a number of groundwater related Cooperative Research Centers and Centers of Excellence. World class groundwater research is being in done across many Schools in the Faculty of Science. Much of this research is being undertaken in collaborations with the public and private sectors. The related Masters of Science course can also be highly tailored to an individual’s specific needs with flexible coursework and research components that allow a degrees research component to vary from 0 to 75%. Domestic students may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place within this course.

The Faculty of Science offers Master's by Coursework bursaries for domestic students and Postgraduate Merit scholarships for international students. Please visit the Faculty of Science website for details.

Domestic students may be eligible for a Commonwealth supported place within this course.

This course has been approved by the Department of Social Services for Student Support Payments. Eligible students can receive Youth Allowance, Austudy or Pensioner Education Supplement. Further information can be found on the Department of Social Services website.

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Student profile – Course Coordinator - Associate Professor Ryan Vogwill

Originally from Canada, Ryan Vogwill joined UWA full time in 2011. He had previously worked for the Western Australian Department of Water and Department of Environment and Conservation (now Parks and Wildlife) after completing his PhD at Curtin University. Ryan has also worked at Argyle Diamond Mine and in consultancy so has had diverse experience across the groundwater industry of Western Australia but has worked on projects in the Eastern States also.

In his PhD, he used fractals to model pore space to predict permeability as well as regional scale flow modelling and local scale investigations to look at the capacity of groundwater abstraction to impact on the 150,000 migratory wader birds, which come to Broome annually. At the Department of Water, Ryan worked on Gnangara Mound rationalising the triple bottom line (social, economic and environmental benefits of water) using the Perth Regional Aquifer Modelling System (PRAMS). During his time at Environment and Conservation he was the Supervising Hydrologist for the Natural Resources Branch with a focus on the protection of key biodiversity assets in the Natural Diversity Recovery Catchments. He has worked on quantifying and mitigating impacts from altered hydrological regimes on biodiversity assets across many areas of Western Australia. Ryan has been the spearhead for development and implementation of the Hydrogeology postgraduate coursework program at UWA. The program is in its 7th year and going from strength to strength with this year with an intake in 2015 of almost 30 students.

Ryan also supervises higher degree by research students and his research interests include; groundwater dependence of ecosystems, development of new parsimonious models for modelling of long term wetland dynamics and understanding mitigation of altered hydrological regimes, hydrogeology of microbialite bearing coastal wetlands, algal blooms in Roebuck Bay in Broome, plant tolerances and thresholds to altered hydrological regimes amongst other topics. In the future Ryan hopes to continue to develop the course and further his research interests Ryan is also a keen world traveler with some of his destinations including; Greenland, Iceland, Poland, Hawaii, the Rockies and Western Canada, Eastern Canada and the Maldives. This allows him to bring broad world experience to the hydrogeology program at UWA.

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The Master of Hydrogeology is offered by coursework or coursework and dissertation.

While the standard timeframe for completion of this degree is two years (full time), if you have previously completed an undergraduate degree in a cognate (related) area it may be possible to complete within 1.5 years.

The course offers a focused, advanced learning experience that will enhance career choices. You must complete all core units. This degree also provides the flexibility to choose from a range of units to complement your specific interests.

Course structures for the master's degrees with the new 1.5 to 2 year structure (72 to 96 points) are now available via the UWA Handbook.

Students may apply to undertake a research project within this degree.

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Career opportunities

The Master of Hydrogeology has been developed in close collaboration with all relevant industries to ensure our graduates meet industry employers requirements. Many guest lecturers from industry contribute to the course so you are learning not only from industry experienced academics but industry leaders also. Employment opportunities include the resources industries (minerals, hydrocarbons, and construction) but also exist in government agencies dealing with resources or environmental companies and agencies. Many graduates continue to develop their specialist skills in industry or government agencies around the world, while others join academic institutions. Active research areas include reactive transport modelling, surface water groundwater interaction, hydrogeological impacts of waste water, arid zone hydrology, geothermal hydrogeology and groundwater dependence of ecosystems to name but a few.

Related careers

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Further study opportunities

Students completing this degree may have the option to pursue further studies in research.

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Master of Hydrogeology - Coursework: the details

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