Reason, logic, observation, analysis, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination, experimentation and synthesis – these are the essence of science.

  1. Why you should study Science
  2. What you can study
  3. Entry requirements
  4. Beyond your degree

A key focus of the Bachelor of Science is understanding, reasoning and improving the natural world through systematic observation, experimentation, modelling and calculation. A quality education in science from UWA will equip you with attributes that are highly valued and sought after by a diverse range of employers around the globe.

The Bachelor of Science gives you the opportunity to harness the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real contribution to the global challenges facing humanity. Discipline areas range from cutting-edge pure and applied science to new multidisciplinary fields of science. Acquiring the communication and research skills embedded throughout each major, you will be well prepared for many diverse and exciting careers.

Why you should study Science

Scientists study the nature of the universe, its properties, the life that exists within it, and the laws that govern the behaviour of all matter. As a student you will investigate the big issues confronting our planet including climate change, diagnosis and treatment of disease, healthy lifestyles, food sustainability, and conserving biodiversity.

The importance of science in determining the wellbeing of our society is recognised by industry, business and government. UWA is ranked first in Australia (Shanghai Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities, 2015) in Life and Agricultural Sciences and boasts staff who are among the world’s leading teachers and researchers. Their research will form an integral part of your learning experience.

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What you can study

The Bachelor of Science offers 30 majors that cover the traditional science disciplines as well as applied and interdisciplinary fields of study. You will also have the opportunity to choose a second major from this list or from the majors available in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Design degrees.

Science majors 

Biomedical Science is only available to be taken as a double major. A double major is an extended sequence of 14 units/subjects. All other majors comprise eight units.

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Entry requirements

To be considered for this course you must:

  • achieve the University’s minimum entry score (ATAR of 80 or equivalent)
  • demonstrate English language competence
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details).

More specific information on admission requirements, depending on your education history, is provided.

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Beyond your degree

Studies have shown that approximately a third of UWA science graduates pursue a professional science or science-related career, another third use their science degree as a ‘launch pad’ to gain employment in areas where a generic skills base is highly valued. A final third move into science research careers, pursuing a career in either academia or a research organisation.

If you want a stimulating, challenging and rewarding career, a degree in science will set you on the right path.

The skills you gain when studying the Bachelor of Science, such as reason, logic, observation, analysis, resourcefulness, creativity, imagination and experimentation, form the essence of a great science education and are highly valued and sought after by employers. Graduates find employment both locally and internationally in business, industry and government, including scientific research. You can enhance your career opportunities with further study through an honours or master’s degree, which will give you a competitive edge as you enter the job market and allow you to move into higher management positions in your chosen profession.

A master’s degree by research or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) will enable you to move into a career in scientific research.


If you perform well in the first three years of your BSc degree you may enrol in honours.

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Student profile

Bachelor of Science - Ian Taylor

The highlight of my time at UWA has been the opportunity to participate in real scientific research in the field; in projects where the answers are uncertain and the results potentially of real significance to the broader scientific community.