Close-up photo of architectural modelThe Bachelor of Design will teach you how to devise and produce objects, places, spaces and processes in response to economic, technical and social needs and desires.

  1. Why you should study Design
  2. What you can study
  3. Entry requirements
  4. Beyond your degree

The Bachelor of Design offers you a rich combination of experiences in imaginative creativity, the humanities and the sciences. The course is suitable for students who are interested in the areas of architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, engineering, and design in general.

This degree will be your starting point if you plan to pursue a professional postgraduate qualification in architecture, landscape architecture or urban design, which can be studied at postgraduate level. Pathways to other professions, including engineering, may also be of interest to design graduates.

Why you should study Design

Studying Design at UWA will allow you to develop your individual viewpoint and an understanding of how the values of society affect the design of the complete environment.

As a UWA Design student your practical hands-on studies will be enriched by leading research practice. The course will equip you with the necessary skills to think creatively and logically and to take advantage of emerging technologies. You will also be open to innovative ways of thinking and practising.  The course will teach you to address contemporary issues in an independent and creative way, in order to participate in a most challenging and rewarding vocation.

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What you can study

As a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Design, you can choose to take one or two majors, depending on your professional aspirations. You will also have the opportunity to choose a second major from this list or select your second major from those available in the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce or Bachelor of Science degrees.

Design majors 

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Entry requirements

To be considered for this course you must:

  • achieve the University’s minimum entry score (ATAR of 80 or equivalent)
  • demonstrate English language competence
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details).

More specific information on admission requirements, depending on your education history, is provided.

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Beyond your degree

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Design you will have the creativity, flexibility, tenacity and technical skills essential for a career in design.

A number of postgraduate qualifications, including architecture, landscape architecture, urban design or engineering are open to you.

This degree is a starting point for students who plan to pursue a professional qualification in architecture or landscape architecture as well as further studies in urban design, which can be undertaken at postgraduate level after completion of the Bachelor of Design.


If you perform well in the first three years of your BDes degree you may enrol in honours.

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Further information

Student profile

Bachelor of Design - Guy Leggett

Studying Design is always exciting and challenging. The series of lectures, which range from fine art and architectural history to building technology and design theory, help to give students a significant knowledge base.

The Nedlands campus offers access to many useful facilities – including studio spaces, computer labs, social spaces and the ALVA student hub - allowing you to get the most out of your university. Studio coordinators and tutors are always available to offer assistance both with initial ideas and design development, stimulating the thought process and pushing projects further.