The four-year Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), or BPhil (Hons), is a challenging and prestigious program for high-achieving students.

  1. Why you should study the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)
  2. What you can study
  3. Entry requirements
  4. Beyond your degree

The course features an intensive research focus, extensive teamwork and communication skills development, and support for an overseas study experience and on-campus residency.

The degree will prepare you to pursue a postgraduate pathway towards a coursework, professional or research-intensive degree. It will also ensure you are highly regarded by employers as you enter the workforce.

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is a challenging research-oriented degree. Your academic program will be individually designed, focussing on your chosen area of specialisation.

In addition to innovative research project work, the course includes a scholarship-supported, study-abroad experience, academic mentoring, intensive high-level communication training, and the opportunity for an on-campus residential experience. This course is unique in Western Australia and represents an exciting, distinctive experience for outstanding students.

Please note:  The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) should not be confused with the major in Philosophy. The Philosophy major may be taken as a degree-specific major within the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) or as a second major in any of the other undergraduate degrees.

Why you should study the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) will ensure you develop high-level research and communication skills that prepare you for the challenges of achieving the highest international standards of excellence. Although many Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) graduates will choose to pursue a career in research, the intensive focus on problem-solving, teamwork and communication, in addition to an overseas experience, will ensure you are highly employable if you choose to enter the workforce directly after graduating.

As a graduate you will also have the option to pursue postgraduate coursework studies in addition to research opportunities at UWA.

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What you can study

The BPhil(Hons) will give you the freedom to choose a major from any field of study within Arts, Commerce, Design or Science. Honours will be an integral part of your degree, allowing you to develop specialised knowledge within a course tailored to your interests.

The core unit - Global Challenges and Leadership - will involve a group project, beginning with an intensive 5-day residential program held at one of the University’s own colleges before the start of your first semester.

During your four-year course you will participate in a collaborative and interdisciplinary research project, work closely with a research mentor from your chosen field of study, develop your own research project with an academic supervisor, present your research orally, develop a research abstract/poster, develop a web presence for your research, produce a research dissertation and have the opportunity to meet international research leaders visiting the University.

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Entry requirements

To be considered for this course you must:

  • achieve an entry score (ATAR) of 98 or equivalent
  • demonstrate English language competence
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions for prerequisite details).

More information on admissions requirements, depending on your educational history, is available.

Find out more about entry pathways to the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours).

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Beyond your degree

Honours students conduct their own research project, developing valuable skills in advanced problem-solving, critical thinking, independent learning and communication that are highly regarded by employers.

Completing honours as an integral part of your course, as well as having the opportunity to study abroad and live on campus, will provide you with an exceptional student experience – offering you the opportunity and support to excel in your chosen field of study.

BPhil (Hons) graduates will have a wealth of opportunities upon graduation. Graduates may choose further study as a postgraduate, either by coursework and/or research, including courses leading to professional qualifications, or may prefer to enter the workforce directly after completing their undergraduate degree.

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Further information

BPhil (Hons) Coordinator
Associate Professor Kathy Sanders
Phone: (+61 8) 6488 1869

Student profile

Bachelor of Philosophy - Georgina Carson

Undertaking the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) has opened my mind to the world of research.  The course involves going beyond just learning what is already known and trying new things in the hope of increasing humanity’s pool of knowledge.

Being part of a small cohort of like-minded students has also been a great experience for me, helping me feel like I really belong and making my university experience that much more enjoyable.