Our undergraduate degrees offer you a broad range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to combine subjects in a way that matches your career and personal interests.

Each degree includes breadth as well as depth, enabling you to sample a range of study areas in first year, moving to a more focused approach as you progress. The courses prepare you for employment, further study in a professional area or research.

Communication, research and problem-solving skills are an integral part of all courses – offering the ideal preparation to face the challenges of a changing world.

Degree structure

Under UWA's undergraduate degree structure, you complete at least one major, as well as a number of units designed to broaden your educational experience.

A major is an area of specialisation within your degree; the area that you have chosen to focus on for the bulk of your undergraduate studies.

You must fulfil the requirements for at least one major as part of your degree to achieve the requirements for graduation.

Options following an undergraduate degree

You can choose from a number of options after completing your degree.


Graduates are equipped with communication and critical thinking skills at the highest international standards, and have a broad, global perspective – all of which are vital in order to excel in a range of professions.

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