You should prepare by thinking, reading and talking with others about several important elements of graduate research.

Benefits of research
Undertaking postgraduate research has many benefits and is very different from undergraduate study or honours.
Organising a supervisor
Most graduate research students are supervised by two or more members of staff. External supervisors are welcome additions.
Choosing a topic
Possible topics are one of the first things that you discuss with prospective supervisors.
Agreeing on facilities
Resources, such as offices, computers, telephones, printing and stationery, vary depending on the faculty in which you enrol.
Writing a research proposal
Your research proposal is a key requirement of your research study.
Conducting independent research
You should consider the nature of your research as carefully as you think about the subject of your research.
Preparing a dissertation
A graduate research dissertation is not only a more comprehensive document than you have probably prepared before, but it also requires a particular style of thinking.

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