Continue your undergraduate studies to an advanced level by focussing on a major area of study.

  1. Honours at UWA
  2. Entry requirements
  3. What can I study?
  4. Application dates
  5. How to apply

Honours at UWA

Honours involves undertaking an additional year of study (or equivalent part-time) at the end of your bachelor's degree, and incorporates a combination of coursework and a dissertation, although this may vary from school to school.

Your honours study will enable you to develop your knowledge and skills as an independent researcher under the supervision of a member of staff with expertise in your chosen area.

Successfully completing an honours degree will not only prepare you for higher-degree study at Master’s and PhD level, it will also demonstrate to prospective employers a higher capacity for independent learning and research, along with enhanced problem-solving, critical thinking, independent learning and communication skills.

Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is a challenging and prestigious program for high-achieving students, with honours taken as part of the four-year course. It features an intensive research focus, academic mentoring, extensive teamwork and communication skills development, an on-campus residency and support for an overseas study experience

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) should not be confused with the Philosophy major, which can be undertaken as part of either a Bachelor of Arts (including Honours) or the Bachelor of Philosophy degree.

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Entry requirements

To be eligible for admission to your chosen honours course at UWA, you must have successfully completed a bachelor's degree (or equivalent) from a recognised university, demonstrating a strong academic performance in the final-year units of the major you intend to undertake.

Your degree will normally need to have been completed within the seven years prior to commencement (depending on the course).

What can I study?

Find out which honours specialisations are currently on offer at UWA:

Application Deadlines for Semester 1 2017

Applications Close
30 November 2016

Business Specialisations

(Accounting, Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management, Management, Marketing, Work and Employment Relations)

20 January 2017 
 All other specialisations 3 February 2017

How to Apply

Australian students

  1. If you haven't already, contact the school in which you're interested. Many schools have honours coordinators who can advise you on supervision and entry requirements. Your honours application will remain incomplete if you do not make contact with the appropriate UWA school.
  2. Apply online via the University's Online Application System (OASys) during the applicable application period as mentioned above.
  3. Submit your original or properly certified copies of your academic transcripts to Admissions as soon as possible.
  4. You will be notified by Admissions of the outcome of your application as soon as practicable. Your letter of offer will include the information you need to complete your enrolment.

Current UWA students and recent UWA graduates [1]

Apply online

All other applicants

Apply online

[1] Requires access to studentConnect. If you no longer have access to your UWA Pheme account, use the 'all other applicants' apply online button, above


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International students

Current UWA international students

  1. Apply online via studentConnect.
  2. The University will advise you if you are successful.
  3. If you wish to take up your honours place, contact Admissions for a new letter of offer and Confirmation of Enrolment.
  4. Use these documents when renewing your visa through the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.

See askUWA for more information.

International students from other universities

  1. If you wish, you can contact the school in which you're interested. Many schools have honours coordinators who can advise you on supervision and entry requirements.
  2. Apply online.

    Include information on your proposed honours project so the University can find a suitable supervisor for you.

  3. Once a supervisor is found, the University will make you an offer of a place.

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