UWA graduate-entry diplomas are available to students who have successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, who wish to undertake further studies towards an additional undergraduate major, without the need to meet the full course requirements of another bachelor’s degree.

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  2. Entry requirements
  3. Beyond your diploma
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A diploma provides students with the opportunity to either extend their previous undergraduate studies within a particular discipline, or choose a major from an entirely new area.

The course structure is similar to that of a second undergraduate major, that is, eight units in an approved sequence from Level 1 to Level 3, without the need to take on complementary or broadening units.

Due to the sequence of required units, a diploma can only be completed on a part-time basis (generally over two or three years). Credit (advanced standing) will not be granted for units successfully completed in previously completed awards.

Example 1:

Upon completion of his Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Zoology (degree-specific major) and Genetics (second major), Jack has decided he wishes to specialise further and work towards a Master in Agricultural Science (Genetics and Breeding). To complement his studies he applies to undertake a Diploma in Science, majoring in Agricultural Science.

What you can study

Selected majors are currently available within the Diploma in Arts, Diploma in Design, and Diploma in Science.

Diploma in Arts

Course code: DU001

Diploma in Design

Course code: DU003

Diploma in Science

Course Code: DU004


[1] Music Specialist Studies is only available to students who have completed the Music Studies major

[2] Students hoping to gain professional accreditation as a psychologist should apply for DU004 - Psychology to meet eligibility requirements for the required additional study at honours and postgraduate levels

[3] Psychology and Engineering Science are double majors made up of 14 units 

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Entry requirements

To be considered for this course you must:

  • have completed a bachelor's degree
  • satisfy any prerequisites for your preferred majors (refer to individual major descriptions above for prerequisite details) in addition to the 48 points required.

For the complete rules governing entry to the diplomas, see the University Handbook.

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Beyond your diploma

A graduate-entry diploma is particularly beneficial to those who are seeking an alternative study or career path upon completion of a bachelor’s degree, or simply wish to complement their previous studies in order to enhance their career opportunities.

A graduate-entry diploma may also lead to honours or postgraduate study opportunities, provided any course prerequisites and admissions requirements have been met.

Example 2:

Miranda has spent several years working as an interpreter after completing her Bachelor of Arts (Japanese) degree with a second major in Asian Studies. Over time she has noticed an increased demand for Indonesian interpreters, so decides to apply for a Diploma in Arts (Indonesian) in order to increase her job opportunities.

Application dates

Semester one, 2017

Applications open: Monday, 5 September 2016

Applications close: Friday, 3 February 2017

Application dates

Semester One, 2017

Applications open: 5 September 2016

Applications close: 3 February 2017 

How to apply

Be sure to take note of the applicable code for your chosen course before beginning the online application process:

Once you have created your applicant profile in OASys, select "Honours and Graduate Entry Diploma" in order to proceed with your application.

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