Find your ideal study pathway to match your career goals and personal interstsThe University of Western Australia's streamlined course structure prepares graduates for the challenges of a changing world.

Our courses are progressive, flexible and benchmarked against the world’s best.

Graduates are equipped with communication and critical thinking skills at the highest international standards, and gain a broad, global perspective – all of which are vital to excel in a range of professions.

All UWA degrees are available at the Perth campus. At the Albany Centre you can enrol in first-year courses in Arts, Commerce and Science and complete a selection of majors.

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  4. Honours
  5. Graduate-entry diplomas
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Career information

Search our careers database, including first-hand accounts from past students, to find out which courses could launch you on your desired career path.

Course structure

At UWA, our courses provide a flexible structure as unique as you. This means you can design your degree to maximise your career opportunities or try out various subject areas while deciding what you like best. 
To help explain the format of our degrees, we’ve created an interactive infographic. By following the journey of an Arts, Science or Commerce student, you can see the various components that make up your UWA degree from your undergraduate course through to postgraduate, should you choose to complete a second degree. Learn about core and additional units (broadening, complementary and elective) to create a degree that’s just for you.

Explore our degrees

Undergraduate courses

Our five undergraduate degrees offer a broad range of options and a high degree of flexibility, allowing you to combine subjects in a way that matches your career goals and personal interests. More than 65 majors (specialisations) are available at undergraduate level, with a number of professional qualifications offered at postgraduate level.

Students will complete at least one degree-specific major within their bachelor's degree. In most cases (some exceptions apply), you will have the opportunity to incorporate a second major if you wish.


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Students in the Bachelor of Arts, Commerce, Design and Science degrees who perform well in the first three years of their degree may apply to undertake honours which generally involves a further year of study. The University also welcomes honours applications from students who have completed their undergraduate degrees at other institutions.

The Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours) is a four-year program with honours as an integral part of its structure.

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Graduate-entry diplomas

If you have already successfully completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline, a Graduate-entry diploma will allow you to undertake further studies towards an additional undergraduate major without the need to meet the full course requirements of another bachelor’s degree.

The course structure is similar to that of a second undergraduate major, that is, eight units in an approved sequence from Level 1 to Level 3, without the need to take on complementary or broadening units. Due to the sequence of required units, a diploma can only be completed on a part-time basis (generally over two or three years).

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Postgraduate courses

Postgraduate qualifications are fast becoming an expectation of graduates internationally. The University offers a diverse range of exciting opportunities for postgraduate study by coursework and research.

Postgraduate coursework

UWA offers a variety of postgraduate coursework degrees designed to help you obtain a specific professional qualification, diversify your educational background or develop a thorough understanding of a particular area of study.

Professional qualifications

Students who choose to pursue a professional qualification in the following fields complete a postgraduate degree after finishing their bachelor's degree:

Postgraduate research

UWA is regarded as one of Australia's top research institutions. A graduate research degree provides a unique opportunity to undertake a project of supervised but independent enquiry at an advanced level, resulting in the submission of a research thesis (or equivalent production) based on your area of interest, to be examined by experts in the field.

Short courses and continuing education

UWA Extension offers a number of options for those who wish to undertake study without being formally admitted to a degree course, from a range of leisure and workskills-based short courses, to continuing education opportunities via AccessUWA.