Deliver solutions for the needs of cities and neighbourhoods as an urban designer.

To qualify as an urban designer:

Step 1
Complete any undergraduate bachelor’s course {Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)} with a relevant major as your first degree.

Step 2
Complete an urban design postgraduate course to qualify as an Urban Designer.

Refer to the Study Pathways to the right for more information.

Urban design offers a different way of thinking for architects, landscape architects, planners or other professionals whose work impacts the shape of the city.

The future of cities all over the world depends on creating more liveable and sustainable cities and neighbourhoods with quality urban places - where residents can come together to restore a sense of community and civic engagement.

Urban designers work closely with architects, landscape architects and urban planners, offering a multi-disciplinary approach from a variety of related fields.

Source: UWA Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Visual Arts


Disclaimer: This page provides study pathway and career options as a guide only. You should contact the Admissions Centre, International Centre or relevant Faculties for full details.

Study pathways

The following study pathway shows the most common and direct route for a UWA student to pursue this career.

  1. Undergraduate

  2. Recommended majors include:

  3. Postgraduate

    Postgraduate study is required for this occupation.

    Relevant postgraduate courses include: