Direct development of policy advice and strategic planning within government agencies, community not-for-profit organisations or companies.

Policy and planning managers:

  • analyse information relevant to the organisation's activities and develop policies
  • provide advice to support its performance
  • coordinate policy formulation and review, including evaluation of policy options
  • oversee the implementation of policies
  • liaise with national, state and local government, as well as peak bodies and professional organisations
  • provide briefings on policy issues to high level stakeholders such as government ministers or board members
  • prepare discussion papers on policy options
  • draft and coordinate high-level correspondence and requests for information such as ministerial or corporate communications

Policy and planning managers are employed by Commonwealth and state/territory government departments and organisations as well as trade unions, political parties, universities, non-profit organisations and private sector organisations which provide consultancy services to government or lobby government on policy issues. Job prospects are good although there are limited opportunities to work in regional areas.

Source: myFuture


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Graduate profile

Deborah Katona

I first began my education at UWA with little idea of how to structure my degree.

I stumbled into finishing a History major almost by accident. I was given the advice to study subjects that I found interesting and was naturally drawn to. I always found the history units interesting - they extended my knowledge, and I was challenged to think critically about issues raised.

After graduating, I completed the Graduate Program at the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet (PM&C). After finishing the Graduate program, I stayed with PM&C and have also had the opportunity to fill positions with other departments within the Public Service.

The environment I work in can be demanding and complex. I constantly apply the critical thinking, analysis and writing skills developed during my degree course, in a professional setting. I am able to apply these skills across a range of policy areas, ensuring that employment opportunities are both rewarding and varied.