Investigate human activity and the history of countries, organisations, eras, buildings, cultural heritage, particular events, people, and ideas or issues.


  • examine, assess and interpret evidence of past events by consulting and studying the works of other historians and researchers, using sources of information such as archives, diaries, manuscripts, reports, statistics, artefacts, letters, newspapers, magazines, journals and interviewing people
  • organise the information, check it for accuracy, interpret details, suggest theories and make conclusions
  • present findings and conclusions through reports, the media, journal articles, books, lectures and museum exhibitions
  • act as an adviser or consultant to government, commercial and private organisations, societies, churches and individuals
  • perform research and/or teach at institutions such as universities and schools

There are various ways you could pursue as career as historian. Often historians are self-employed, working on a contract basis on a succession of projects. Others are employed by universities, research institutions, and public and private organisations.

History graduates often find work in administrative, research and policy roles where they can use their research and social data analysis skills. They may work in information management, public administration, journalism, museums and libraries. Some undertake further study to gain employment as teachers in secondary schools.

Source: myFuture


Disclaimer: This page provides study pathway and career options as a guide only. You should contact the Admissions Centre, International Centre or relevant Faculties for full details.

Study pathways

The following study pathway shows the most common and direct route for a UWA student to pursue this career.

  1. Undergraduate

  2. This course is required to pursue this career.

  3. Other relevant majors include:

  4. Postgraduate

    Postgraduate study is required for a career as a Historian.

    Relevant courses include:

  5. Research

    Research study is required for a career as a Historian.

    Relevant courses include: