Manage, organise and develop museum collections, and conduct related research.

As a Curator, you would seek positions in museums and art galleries, although you may be required to travel to seek work.

Gallery and Museum Curators:

  • acquire items for the collections in their care
  • examine items to determine condition and authenticity
  • identify and classify specimens, and arrange conservation and restoration work
  • keep and maintain records about all items in the collection
  • organise and participate in display teams which may involve travelling or arranging for loan exhibitions
  • initiate and maintain research and publication programs, and establish networks and assist other professionals on request
  • lecture and write about the collections, and answer public enquiries
  • supervise support staff and organise administrative duties associated with the use and care of the collection

Source: myFuture


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Study pathways

The following study pathway shows the most common and direct route for a UWA student to pursue this career.

  1. Undergraduate

  2. Relevant majors include:

  3. Postgraduate

    Postgraduate study is not necessarily required for this occupation, but may be helpful for career advancement.

    Relevant postgraduate courses include:

  4. Research

    Research study is not necessarily required for this occupation, but may be helpful for career advancement.

    Relevant research courses include:

Graduate profile

Mathew Trinca

I think that my studies in history are at the core of what I have done over the past two decades or so. After completing second year at UWA in 1985, I worked as a newspaper journalist in Perth and Kalgoorlie. Later, I travelled through Africa, Asia and Europe, working as a journalist in London.

I came back to Perth and completed Honours in History before starting a PhD in the 1990s, tutoring in the History Department and working as a contract historian on heritage projects, public histories and documentary films. Then, I took a job as a curator at the Western Australian Museum before moving to the National Museum of Australia, in Canberra. Studying history is the best work experience you can get – it sets you up for a wide range of jobs and experiences.