Create ideas to be used in the development of advertising and communication programs, and plan and execute advertising campaigns.

As an advertising professional you will:

  • plan and organise publicity campaigns and assign tasks to researchers and publicity writers
  • appraise, revise and select material submitted by publicity writers, photographers, illustrators and others to create favourable publicity
  • undertake or commission public opinion research, analyse the findings and plan public relations campaigns
  • support business growth and development through the preparation and execution of marketing objectives, policies and programs
  • undertake or commission market research to identify market opportunities for new or existing products and services
  • interpret and predict current and future consumer trends
  • plan, develop and organise advertising policies and campaigns to support sales objectives
  • advise executives or clients on advertising strategies and campaigns to reach target markets, create consumer awareness and effectively promote the attributes of products or services

Sources: myFuture and Australian Bureau of Statistics


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Study pathways

The following study pathway shows the most common and direct route for a UWA student to pursue this career.

  1. Undergraduate

  2. The following majors are recommended to pursue this career:

    Other relevant majors include:

  3. Postgraduate

    Postgraduate study is not necessarily required for this occupation, but may be helpful for career advancement.

    Relevant postgraduate courses include: