Conduct research and teach university students in an area of specialisation.

To prepare yourself for a career as an academic:

Step 1
Complete any undergraduate bachelor’s course {Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Science or the Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours)} as your first degree.

Step 2
Complete a postgraduate Doctor of Philosophy or Master of Philosophy by Research.

Refer to the Study Pathways to the right for more information.

Academics are researchers who generally have teaching responsibilities as part of their role. As a lecturer, academics prepare and deliver lectures, tutorials and practical classes, in addition to assessing student assignments and grading student performance.

University academics often supervise research students, keeping an eye on their progress and discussing and supporting their aspirations.

Academics research a specialised field of study with a view to publishing the findings in books or professional and academic journals. They are required to attend meetings and conferences to do with research, budget and policy matters and departmental administration.

Other responsibilities include course development, representation on committees dealing with general departmental and administrative concerns, preparing budgets and associated reports and providing professional consultative services to government and industry.

Source: ABS


Disclaimer: This page provides study pathway and career options as a guide only. You should contact the Admissions Centre, International Centre or relevant Faculties for full details.

Study pathways

The following study pathway shows the most common and direct route for a UWA student to pursue this career.

  1. Undergraduate

  2. Relevant study will be dependent on your area of academic interest.
  3. Research

    Research study is generally required for this occupation.
    Relevant research courses include: