UWA's course structure ensures you have the time and flexibility to choose your career path and you gain the skills and knowledge to succeed in an international workplace.

The model of flexible undergraduate studies followed by a postgraduate professional qualification is designed to produce well-rounded graduates, as well as provide multiple entry opportunities for a wide range of students.

It also means you do not need to decide on a relatively narrow field of study straight from secondary school.

Broad education, in-depth knowledge

Our undergraduate courses have a simple but flexible structure that allow you to study a broad range of subjects in your first year, and develop greater focus as you move through your degree.

More choices, better choices
You do not have to decide your career path before you start university. You have the freedom to sample a wide range of subjects, particularly in first year, that help you to decide which subjects and careers interest you most.
Highly developed communication and research skills
Employers want graduates who have not only performed well in their chosen field but also have communication and problem-solving skills that set them apart from the crowd. To prepare you for success in a global workforce, you will develop your ability to communicate effectively and learn how to find, interpret and critically evaluate information.
Community engagement
Leadership qualities and a sense of community are expected in a well-rounded graduate. To help you develop these skills you are encouraged to participate in a structured experience with a not-for-profit organisation.
Opportunities to study abroad
Many students will have the opportunity to study overseas for one or two semesters. Achievement in a different academic and cultural environment will show employers that you are a self-starter, flexible and adventurous.

Students who study abroad meet people from around the world, develop new friendships and gain a level of independence and confidence highly regarded by employers.

Professional degrees at a postgraduate level
By offering professional degrees at the postgraduate level, UWA is in line with leading universities across the world. The benefits for you include:
  • greater career opportunities within a global workplace
  • improved links with industry and professional practice
  • a stronger foundation and knowledge-base from your undergraduate degree
  • an advanced learning environment at postgraduate level.

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