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Cost of living for students

You should carefully consider all the costs involved when applying to study at university.

Tuition fees are not your only expense – you may need to find accommodation, travel to and from university, buy books, pens, paper, and think about food and entertainment, such as joining clubs.

Knowing how much everything is going to cost must be fully researched – you'll find more information from the Student Financial Aid Service.

The annual cost of living depends on your lifestyle and the type of accommodation you choose, but A$450-$650 per week is generally sufficient for most students to live comfortably. This does not include tuition fees, medical insurance cover, all textbooks or any airfares.

The following comparative table is a guide only. It gives an indication of the type of expenses and average costs students will need to meet. Students with a family (spouse and one child) should budget a minimum of $1,000 per week (A$52,000 per year) for living expenses.

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Establishment costs On-campus [1]   Off-campus shared [2] Off-campus, full board [3]
Week Year   Week Year Week Year
Bond, & other upfront fees n/a $1,400* n/a $800 n/a n/a
Two weeks' rent in advance n/a n/a n/a $400 n/a n/a
Telephone & utilities connection n/a n/a n/a $68 n/a n/a
Furnishings, linen, crockery n/a $100 n/a $1,000 n/a $100
Application/placement fee n/a $125 n/a n/a n/a $240
Total $0 $1,625 $0 $2,268 $0 $340
Annual costs On-campus[1] Off-campus shared [2] Off-campus full board [3]
Week Year Week Year Week Year
Books, stationery, equipment n/a $1,000 n/a $1,000 n/a $1,000
Student Services & Amenities Fee
n/a $290 n/a $290 n/a $290
Total $0 $1,290 $0 $1,290 $0 $1,290
Weekly costs On-campus[1] Off-campus shared [2] Off-campus full board [3]
Week Year Week Year Week Year
(average per academic year)
$435* $16,965 $200 $10,400 $245 $12,250
Food n/a n/a $150 $7,800 n/a n/a
Public transport $20 $780 $50 $2,600 $50 $2,500
Utilities & mobile phone etc.
$10 $390 $40 $2,080 $10 $500
Spending money
(medical/clothing/entertainment etc)
$100 $3,900 $100 $5,200 $100 $5,000
Total $565 $22,035 $540 $28,080 $405 $20,250
Miscellaneous costs On-campus   Off-campus shared   Off-campus full board
Week Year Week Year Week Year
Expenses for holidays $430 $5,590 n/a n/a $320 $640
  On-campus   Off-campus shared   Off-campus full board
Grand Total, per year
(all costs combined)
  $30,540    $31,638 $22,520


  • All costs are in Australian dollars
  • [1] Calculated on 39 weeks
  • [2] Cost per person sharing an unfurnished house / flat with two others for 52 weeks
  • [3] Calculated on 50 weeks

* Residential College fees vary. Check with your preferred college.

Further information

Student Services and Amenities Fee

The Student Services and Amenities Fee is a compulsory charge to gain access to facilities and services provided by the UWA Student Guild and UWA Sports.

It covers a range of recreational, sporting and educational facilities together with social, education and representation activities and services.

Books and stationery

Don't forget to budget for:

  • text books and required reading – they can cost hundreds of dollars
  • stationery and other unit expenses.

Reduce costs by buying second-hand books or by using texts in reserve at the University Library.

Transport and parking

Parking on campus is limited and this, combined with environmental concerns, is why we recommend using public transport.

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