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College living at UWA

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Applications to live on campus for 2016 are now open.

Extend Your Academic Learning

Live and learn with your peers and become involved in the colleges’ dynamic academic and intellectual culture through on-site mentoring and tuition.

Intercollege fun

College Row has a thriving intercollegiate spirit and the connection between the colleges adds to the lively “living on campus” experience.


College life is all about living and learning together.

This vibrant combination, at the heart of residential college living, adds a valuable dimension to your degree and uniquely defines your time as a UWA student.

The residential colleges – St Catherine’s College, St George’s College, St Thomas More College, Trinity, and University Hall (formerly Currie Hall) – are close-knit communities full of support, friendship and activity, and they offer the unique opportunity of a collegial experience.

It is the interaction between peers, senior students, and academic and support staff in a collegiate environment, combined with the array of academic, cultural, and social experiences and programs, which characterises the colleges and makes them distinctive educational settings.

There are roughly 2000 college students currently on campus along college row. The five residential colleges are either owned by, or affiliated with, UWA and are all united in providing a rewarding college experience for students.

As centres of living and learning, the colleges are all-inclusive communities, full of opportunity, interaction and diversity.

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